Make Something: Craft a Poem…

We can make things with our hands using natural materials, but words can have a physical shape too. When we write down a memory, or pen a poem, words take on a new form, and a new life. Poems, in particular are thoughtful, imaginative, and resonant.

Researches now think that poems trigger reactions in different parts of the brain than for other forms of writing. Scientists at the University of Exeter found that our brains respond to poetry in much the same way as they respond to a piece of music. When we read poetry a wider range of regions in the brain are activated, including the area of the brain that creates a ‘shiver down the spine’ that we might feel in response to particularly emotive music. When reading a favourite poem, researchers found that areas of the brain linked to memory were activated indicating that the experience was closer to recollection than reading.

If you want to make your present memorable, what better gift to give this Christmas than a personal poem? Here’s a guide from Andrew, to get you started…

How to write a poem

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