Welcome to the first ever Make Something Month!

We would really like you to be part of it.

All you need is our evolving mini-manifesto, and one very short to-do list!

1 Make one thing for yourself, one thing for a family member, one thing for a friend, one thing for someone you’ve never met.

2. Pass on the ‘Make Something Month’ challenge: encourage your friends, family and colleagues to make things too.

3. Share the New Materialism Manifesto.


Why Celebrate Making?

We know that once our basic needs are met, more stuff doesn’t make us any happier. But what if, we’ve not been looking in entirely the wrong place for happiness, we’ve just got the relationship badly wrong?

What if, by learning to make, care for and re-imagine the things we have we could reduce our resource use and personal debt, while also increase our well-being? Rather than focusing on what we don’t have, lets celebrate just how much we can do for ourselves.

That’s why we’re making the run up to Christmas, ‘Make Something Month’

Launching in Totnes on 23 November 2013, we’d like to see ‘Make Something Month’ become a national institution. If this happens, we think there is a strong chance that we might arrive at Christmas Day feeling happier, more sociable, and considerably less in debt.

Let’s do it.

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