We’re launching Make Something Month with a day-long festival of making in Totnes, Devon, the birthplace of the Transition Town movement.

Festival of Making: Saturday 23rd November 2013, Totnes Civic Hall, 12-4pm

Join us at Totnes Civic Hall for a day-long festival of making, mending, repairing and sharing from 12 – 4pm in the Civic Hall and later at the REconomy Centre and with our friends the New Lion Brewery at the Bay Horse Inn, we’ll be mending, making, brewing, baking, repairing, re-shaping, re-imagining transforming, crafting and remembering just how much we can do for ourselves.

Chat with Mark Boyle, author of the Moneyless Manifesto, Andrew Simms fellow of nef (the new econmoics foundation and author of Cancel the Apocalypse, Ruth Potts co-author of The New Materialism and our makers about the joy of making, not buying, learn how to brew an ale with Matt from the New Lion Brewery (on their launch day!), spin a yarn with the Totnes Spinners, fashion a soundscape with Soundart Radio, throw a pot, make a bow (and arrow), pen a letter to your future self with Post Present Future, record your ‘objects of care’ with, get political with bread, print & roses and their Guerilla Craft, bake an anarchist loaf, make a coat hook with furniture maker Andrea Stemmer, re-imagine old furniture with ReFurnish, learn to knit, upcycle an old garment, weave a container from tetra pak, brew a muscle balm, show your bike some tlc with Dr Bike, get creative with the Totnes Arts Hub or make a decoration for a seasonal extravaganza.

Then, retire to the Bay Horse Inn to celebrate the launch of the New Lion Brewery or head to the REconomy centre to learn how to make Sushi with Transition Town Totnes Skillshares.

The Festival of Making is brought to you in association with:

totnes-arts-hub-blue-ink nwi_logo_full bread print and roses
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Make Something Month: 23 November- 23 December 2013

This year, in the run up to Christmas, instead of buying new things, make, re-make, mend or share something instead. Make one thing for yourself, one for a family member, one for a friend and one thing for someone you’ve never met before. This month, love Stuff in a good way.

Join us, or organise your own!

Start a monthly meet up, share a skill, meet in a pub, but most of all…get making…

If you’d like to take part, or would like more information, get in touch with ruthpotts @


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  1. Wonderful day today! I made a lovely basket (thanks Bridget!) and have been inspired to make a few more. I hope to get involved in some skill shares over the next month! If anyone fancies some informal crafts & coffee I’d be happy to offer my lounge (and some homemade muffins) one evening :)

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